Vandana Bahl

Co-Founder | Green Halo Scholars

Vandana Bahl Headshot

When I lost my son Varun in May of 2015, I could not have imagined that life would have gone on and that I would be part of a nonprofit that would help me keep his memory alive. What started as a memorial scholarship has grown into something much greater.

In November of 2017, I met Sally, a fellow volunteer at Chicago Scholars. Here was another mom with the same passion and mission to make a difference. Together we founded the ‘Green Halo Scholars’ to assist motivated underrepresented high schoolers from the Western Suburbs with the admissions process and to help them transition and succeed in college.

The name of the nonprofit is yet another tribute to Varun’s memory; Varun’s favorite color was green, and the halo is a representation of the angel that he was and is.

Varun, in his quiet way, is still making an impact.