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Create a Future Beyond Limits

by making the college and financial aid application process work for you.

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Green Halo Scholars Applying to College

Applying to college can feel overwhelming & confusing.

Many families don’t have the knowledge or resources to navigate the process to ensure their teen gains access to a great college with the financial support to pay for it.

You don’t have to go it alone!

College IS an option for EVERYONE.

If you want to go to college, you should be able to go to college, regardless of your financial situation.

College Placement

You can be sure when you partner with us, you will gain access to a college that is right for you.

Personal Guidance

You don’t have to do this alone. Receive a dedicated mentor to guide you through your journey.

Scholarships & Grants

You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for college. We help you find every possible source of funding.

Green Halo Scholars Graduation Commencement

Take the next step toward a bright future.

Getting started is simple.
Step 1

Get Nominated

Reach out to your school counselor and request they nominate you for participation in Green Halo Scholars.

Step 2

Get Guidance

We guide you through the college and financial application process so you never feel overwhelmed or confused.

Step 3

Get Accepted!

With our 100% college placement rate, you can be sure you will get into the college that is right for you.

Our College and Community Partners

We love helping our scholars achieve their dreams!

Here is what a few of our scholars and alumni have to say about their experience with Green Halo Scholars.

Green Halo Scholars Green Icon

“I have been accepted to St. Francis and Loyola so far and received scholarships from both. Green Halo has provided me with the tools and guidance I needed to navigate my college journey. It feels good to know there’s always someone ready to lend out a helping hand.”

Lizeth | Green Halo Scholar

Green Halo Scholars Green Icon

“At the beginning, college was intimidating, but my mentors at Green Halo guided me through everything. I applied to 19 colleges, most were acceptances. Now. I’m being helped with scholarships and am very grateful for my mentors and everyone on the Green Halo team who have made me feel confident in my college process.”

Nubia | Green Halo Scholar

Green Halo Scholars Green Icon

“With the help of the amazing team at Green Halo, I was able to receive a full scholarship at one of the most prestigious business schools in the country, where I am majoring in Supply Chain Management and Business Sustainability.”

Alex | Green Halo Alum

You can create a future beyond limits!

At Green Halo Scholars, we know high school students want to feel empowered to achieve their dreams as they graduate and move on to their next chapter in life. The problem is that some students and families don’t have the knowledge or financial resources to navigate the process and gain college access. That leaves them feeling overwhelmed and confused.

We believe college IS an option for EVERYONE.

Our founders both experienced challenges navigating the college application and financial aid process. Later in life, they realized things have only become more challenging, and our community has a great need. This is why we provide high school students with the information and help they need to navigate the school and financial application process to stay on track to achieve their dreams.

Here’s how to get started.

  • First, you need to get nominated by reaching out to your school counselor and requesting they nominate you for participation in Green Halo Scholars.
  • Second, you’ll get the guidance you need to navigate the college application and financial assistance process.
  • Finally, you’ll get accepted! Our students have a 100% college placement rate, so you can be sure you’ll get into a college that is a good fit for you.

You don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong college or settling for less than your potential. You can get into a great college that helps you create a future beyond limits.


Go get your nomination, and let’s get started!

Pickleball Friend

Second Annual Pickleball Friendraiser!

Thursday, June 20 from 5-8 p.m. | Ruth Lake Paddle Hut<

Last year, over 100 of our closest friends helped us raise $11,000 to support our College Access and Success Program. This allowed us to expand our services to include things like college tours, mental health counseling, and summer course funding.

We hope you will join us on the courts!