Meet our Team

Get to know our Board and Leadership and see why we’re so passionate about helping scholars create a future beyond limits.

Too many first-generation and low-income students don’t have the resources they need to navigate the college application process. At Green Halo Scholars, we help high schoolers navigate the process, so they get into a great college and create a future beyond limits

Our Leadership Team

Sally Guglielmo Headshot

Sally Guglielmo


Vandana Bahl Headshot

Vandana Bahl


Sara Miller Headshot

Sara Miller

Program Director

Melissa Burke HEadshot

Melissa Burke

College Success Coach

Our Board

Nupur Bahl Headshot

Nupur Bahl

Mike Murphy Headshot

Mike Murphy

Claire Muraoka Headshot

Claire Muraoka

Irene Yates Headshot

Irene Yates

Nate Carden Headshot

Nate Carden

Mark Guglielmo Headshot

Mark Guglielmo

Kate Hendrix Foster

Kate Hendrix Foster